Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What A View From The Hotel Window

February 13, 2014
I got of  the ice box lasts week and fell back into the freezer this week. Will this winter ever end! The Great Lakes are even frozen! Attached is a photo of the room on the third flood at the motel. I got up and opened the curtains to see what the weather is like. The drifts on the roof covered about 3/4 of the window. The temp. is -27F (-32.78) with the wind chill -40 (-40C).  Got my first day done with the French ,interesting class. To my surprise the people are very helpful and easy going.

Attached are photos of my room at Bloom Lake. Not a bad place to stay for 2-weeks.  Two rooms limited TV (in English).  Thanks Bear for Netflix!


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