Tuesday, February 18, 2014

There's Cold, Then There's The Unbelieveable

January 21, 2014
As I travel thru life I look back on the highlight reel of that journey (i.e. meeting Eve, our wedding day, the birth of Tiff and Nicole, Cassidy, great trips with family and friends, Christmas in Kemmerer with Grandma, my 68 Dodge truck etc.)
Today I can add another event to that reel. At the mine in Wabush they have a  sign reading temperature and  wind chill index. At 6:30 AM when I went to work the sign read -35F (-37.22C) and the wind chill index -63F (-52.78C).  Walking from the car to the office is about 50 feet, the blowing wind is like a sharp knife, and it hurts to breath. The cold weather never bugged me living in Kemmerer were it got very cold also. I guess it's old age. On the bright side it keeps the sweat out of my eyes, (a problem I had in Zambia) HA! HA!

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