Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life at the "Man Camp"

February 20, 2014
The day starts at 4:30 AM with breakfast. Any type of food you want. Get your lunch to go, salads, sandwiches, drink and deserts. Go to the car and face the first cold blast of the day. The temperature has been as low as -35F (-37.22C) and a wind chill of -50F (-45.56C). Conduct the training and return around 4:00 PM.
The camp has a total of 10--3 storey units, with 40 room per story (total of 1200 rooms) at present about 800 men and 10 women are staying here. If the company did not provide these rooms no one would come here.
We go to dinner around 6:00 PM, again great food, Steaks, chicken, fish, hamburgers, hot dogs etc. Your chose what you want and as much you want.
The rooms are small but cleaned everyday (sure beats the tent I stayed in the African jungle). The TV has 30 channels, but only 3 in English the rest are in French.  The English speaking channels are ESPN, The Food Network and Fox out of Rochester New York. When Nicole was bed ridden from here accident she got Netflix and let's  me share. It has keep my sanity on my time off.
The French loves eggs. The interpreter has eggs in the morning, for lunch he has a cold egg sandwich and at night he has a hamburger with a egg or a steak with a egg or chicken with a egg. He is a great guy and very helpful in the class room, but at lunch when he has the cold egg sandwich and tells me how great it taste it's hard for me  to agree.  A few years back we were told that eggs are bad for us (that advice must not have made it to France).
The pictures show the man camp and interior. The picture at the mine is a haul truck getting loaded. The shovel cost $40 million and each truck $6 million. The mine operates 4 shovels and 40 haul trucks. This may help explain the cost of a new car and the iron in it. Today we are having a heat wave -8F (-22.23C) and sunny.  A good place to take vacation. HA! HA! HA! 

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