Friday, February 21, 2014

A Lesson In French Kissing

February 21, 2014
Tonight Marc (the interpreter) and I went to dinner at the man camp around 6:00 PM. We got our meals. Me, a great beef stew, Marc, a hamburger with his egg. As we sat down another man was at the same table and he talked to Marc in French. I could tell Marc was introducing me. I stuck out my hand to shake his. To my big, big, BIG surprise the man leaned over and kissed me on both checks!!!!!! I am a very tolerant person, but my hillbilly blood started to boil.
The man finished his meal and moved on. Marc had a big smile on his face and explained the man was a member of the Separatist Party. This party is about 30% of the population of Quebec. They want Quebec to separate from Canada and form their own county, with their own military, money, laws, speak only French, be loyal to France only, have their own flag etc. etc. They have some politicians in the government pushing for the change. That explains why French is the official language, the school speaks only French, the road signs are in French, all products sold in Canada has the English name followed by the French name. And why the greeting, for the French is a kiss on both checks. I think I would have acted very different 20 years ago.
In my travels to other parts of Canada I was told about the Separatist and just didn't give it much mind. By the way Quebec is pronounce by the Separatist as K-bece.
Another 15 minute item burnt into my memory banks!
This is how I picture my father's reaction to his newest greeting.

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